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Needle Adaptor
Our Price: £1.00
Needle Adaptor's that come with the pump are always getting lost so these replacements are great to keep in reserve. Learn More
Gilbert 450 Kicking Rugby Tee
Our Price: £8.00
The Gilbart 450 Kicking rugby tee is 45mm high, slightly higher than the Gilbert 320 tee. Blister packed, perfect for players at all levels of the game. Learn More
Gilbert Bath Super Midi Ball
Our Price: £10.00
This has the black and royal blue, Gilbert patented oval trim design around the edges and the full colour Bath Rugby logo printed on two opposing sides. Learn More
Gilbert Premiership Mini Rugby Ball
Our Price: £6.00
As official ball supplier to the Guinness Premiership, Gilbert also make Mini and Midi balls which can be brought as a souvenir or for children of a younger age group. Learn More
Gilbert Aviva Premiership Ball
Our Price: £20.00
The Gilbert Aviva Premiership Ball a good training rugby ball with Aviva's logo on the side pannels. It features Gilbert standard grip, synthetic latex bladder for better air retention and a 3 ply laminate ball. Learn More
Gilbert Adjustable Kicking Tee
Our Price: £15.00
The height is varied using a screw thread system which is constructed from moulded rubber this tee is guaranteed not to slip. Learn More
Gilbert Barbarian Ball
Our Price: £45.00
Hand stitched core-spun polyester and cotton laminate construction. It has a rubber surface and is Patented truflight ™ bladder. Learn More
Gilbert Omega Fluoro Match Ball
Our Price: £26.00
The Gilbert Omega Fluoro Match Ball aimed at clubs, schools, mini and junior rugby. Hand stitched with a functional standard grip rubber surface, the Omega is ideal for either training or match play at any level. A vibrant fluorescent yellow and orange design, with signature Gilbert branding, is ready for kick-off and to grace rugby fields around the world. Learn More
Gilbert Ireland Stress Ball
Our Price: £4.00
Gilbert Ireland stress ball. Learn More
Gilbert Leather Match Ball
Our Price: £50.00
Gilbert continue to produce match quality rugby balls. This match ball is a replica to the highest standard of the first rugby balls which were given to all the rugby schools in England in 1823.
Learn More