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McDavid Waist Trimmer Back Support
Our Price: £26.00
The back-up plan, the McDavid Waist trimmer bak support offers relieve to minor back pain and can assist weight loss due to it's thermal properties. The heat comes from the neoprene inner which also gives soft tissue support and maintains positioning. Learn More
McDavid Back Support
Our Price: £55.00
The McDavid Back Support is McDavid's most popular back brace.This top quality adjustable support features a neoprene back panel for warmth and comfort and six stays for extra support. Fully adjustable vented and breathable side panels. Learn More
LP Sacrolumbar Back Support
Our Price: £30.00
The LP Sacrolumbar Back support is designed to prevent the latent danger of muscular atrophy, provide comfortable support and improved posture all with the purpose of relieving lower back pain. This support also offers four pliable metal stays on the back of the support to give extra stability. Learn More
LP Back Support With Stays
Our Price: £21.00
The LP Back Support with Stays is designed to provide maximum support to the mid and lower back without restricting normal body movement. This support retains body heat for constant moist heat to travel to the lower back muscle groups. In addition to this four pliable stays on the back provide extra support. Learn More