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Mueller Wonder Wrap
Our Price: £12.00
This Mueller Wonder Wrap is an incredibly strong elastic wrap, made with nylon fibres, which helps support joints such as the ankle, elbow, knee, and wrist. The elastic design also allows for breathable, controlled compression. Learn More
Mueller Pro Heel Cups
Our Price: £15.00
Mueller Pro Heel Cups provide heavy duty protection for the pain of heel strike during sports activities. Relieves arch, ankle, leg and back pain. Helps prevent sore heels and knees, shin splints and heel spurs. Learn More
Mueller Arch Support
Our Price: £13.00
The Mueller Arch Support helps relieve pain with targeted compression and soft heel with an adjustable strap with arch pad. Learn More
McDavid Wrist Support
Our Price: £15.00
Adjustable McDavid Wrist Support to fit any wrist, which allows the pressure to be taylored to the individual's need. Learn More
McDavid Waist Trimmer Back Support
Our Price: £26.00
The back-up plan, the McDavid Waist trimmer bak support offers relieve to minor back pain and can assist weight loss due to it's thermal properties. The heat comes from the neoprene inner which also gives soft tissue support and maintains positioning. Learn More
McDavid Universal Shoulder Support
Our Price: £70.00
The McDavid #462 Universal Shoulder Support is an adjustable shoulder support with Velcro® closures. Learn More
McDavid Thigh Support
Our Price: £19.00
The McDavid Thigh Support is a general purpose support compresses and supports soft tissue while retaining therapeutic heat. Helps reduce muscle strains and pulls. Reversible thermal neoprene support with nylon facing on both sides for easy application and removal. Learn More
McDavid Open Patella Knee Wrap
Our Price: £20.00
Wrap yourself in a smart McDavid open patella knee wrap, which will offer extra support to the knee cap by holding it more securely. Designed to give pain relief and aid recovery from strains and pulls to the knee area. The custom fit coupled with the thermal properties of the neoprene material provides great compression therapy. Learn More
McDavid Open Knee Support
Our Price: £20.00
The McDavid Open Knee Support is a Neoprene support which is contoured and darted for optimum fit. Open patella area relieves pressure from the patella. 28cm long thermal neoprene sleeve with nylon facing on both sides. Reversible colors, 4-way stretch, heavy duty outside for durability. Learn More
McDavid Neoprene Short
Our Price: £40.00
The McDavid Neoprene Short is made out of 100 % neoprene. Designed for comfort, support and protection against groin, hamstring and thigh injury. Knit elastic waistband with pullcord provides adjustable waist size for better fit. Learn More