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McDavid Adjustable Knee Support
Our Price: £55.00
The McDavid Adjustable Knee Supportis has an advanced level of protection designed for Joint compression and therapeutic heat retention to help relieve pain and promote healing. Patellar buttress helps relieve the symptoms of chondromalacia, patellar subluxation and patellar tendinitis. Additional support is offered by the spring steel stays for minor ligament problems and instabilities. Learn More
McDavid Back Support
Our Price: £55.00
The McDavid Back Support is McDavid's most popular back brace.This top quality adjustable support features a neoprene back panel for warmth and comfort and six stays for extra support. Fully adjustable vented and breathable side panels. Learn More
Canterbury Flexitop Pro
Our Price: £50.00
The Canterbury Flexitop Pro Short Sleeve Protective Top has a new CCC Honeycomb construction developed for high impact. The updated positioning of the moulded padding to the shoulder, biceps and chest provide even greater protection at the angle of impact. Learn More
Canterbury Flexitop Plus
Our Price: £55.00
Made by Canterbury, this Flexitop Plus Body Armour has been designed to help reduce the risk of injury across your upper body. Learn More
Canterbury Airflow Headguard
Our Price: £50.00
Using newly developed, softer closed cell foam, this is lighter than any other Canterbury headguard, the Airflow padding has been uniquely cut to provide maximum protection to the temple regions. This headguard still retains the cooling system featured on the Ventilator Headguard which enables it to cool 10% more efficiently that the Club Headguard. Learn More