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Vulkan Hot / Cold Reusable Pack
Our Price: £6.00
The Vulkan Reusable hot and cold pack can be used for warm and effective relief from muscular and joint aches and pains, as well as for effective cooling relief to reduce swelling. The pack also convienetly conforms to the shape of the limb. Learn More
Vulkan Underwrap
Our Price: £2.00
High quality foam underwrap that can be applied before tape to prevent chafing. Absorbs moisture and prevents chafing and hair loss.
Learn More
Meditex EAB 5cm
Our Price: £4.00
Vulkan 5cm Elastic Adhesive Bandage Learn More
Vulkan Cooling Spray 150ml
Our Price: £4.00
The Vulkan cooling spray is a convenient alternative to an ice pack should you wish to reduce swelling. This spray is designed to provide an instant cooling effect once sprayed onto the skin.
Learn More
Vulkan Instant Ice Packs
Our Price: £2.00
The Vulkan instant ice pack is Ideal for reducing swelling and inflammation. Activated by squeezing this pack changes from room temperature to ice cold within seconds.
Learn More
Meditex EAB 7.5cm
Our Price: £6.00
Vulkan 7.5cm Elastic Adhesive Bandage Learn More
Under Armour Mouthguard Case
Our Price: £7.00
Your mouthguard will always be clean and ready for action with the UA Mouthwear Case. Built from ultra-durable hard-shell plastic, this convenient case was made to keep your sports mouthguards and mouthpieces in—and the elements out. It even has a vented top for extra breathability and is finished with an advanced anti-microbial technology to keep bacteria growth at bay. So come game-time, all you’ll see when you open this case is a fresh UA mouthguard that’s ready to do battle. Learn More
Shock Doctor V 1.5 Mouthguard
Our Price: £8.00
The Shock Doctor v1. 5 mouth guard is ideal for most sports as it is supremely comfortable and secure. Putting your body on the line in contact sports from rugby to boxing means you need to minimise injury and protect yourself Learn More
Kenesio Pre-Cut Foot Tape
Our Price: £7.00
Kinesio Pre-Cut Dynamic Foot Support is designed to address Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Flat Feet and to provide support for the arch of the foot. Each packet contains a single-use set of tape strips, which can be cut to size if required, and instructions. Each foot support application comes with one blue I-strip and two pink fan strips cut from genuine Kinesio Tex Tape Gold. Learn More
Kinesio Pre-Cut Back Tape
Our Price: £7.00
Kinesio Pre-Cut Dynamic Back Support is designed to support overstretched back muscles, relieve lower back pain and to address lumbago and sciatic conditions. Each pack contains a single-use set of tape strips, which can be cut to size if required, and instructions. Each Back Support application comes with one pink and two black I-strips cut from genuine Kinesio Tex Tape Gold. Learn More