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LP Thigh Support
Our Price: £12.00
The LP Thigh support helps reduce the pain from tendinitis by providing comfortable compression and therapeutic warmth to the quadriceps and hamstring areas.This support also retains body heat to warm the knee joint and increase blood circulation. Learn More
LP Knee Stabiliser Open
Our Price: £28.00
The LP Open Knee Stabiliser provides an equal compression to the injured or recovering knee. Its medial and lateral metal stays offer additional support and stability for the knee. Whilst the 2 hook & loop straps allow adjustment for maximum compression when needed. Learn More
LP Tennis Elbow Support
Our Price: £8.50
The LP Tennis Elbow Support relieves pain resulting from strained muscles in the forearm during play by providing comfortable compression for weak or over stresses elbows. The extra triangle pressure point within the support offers extra pressure on the muscle in the arm or wrist.
Learn More
LP Knee Support Closed
Our Price: £11.00
The LP closed knee support is helpful for post-operative knee problems, strains, arthritis and protection against abrasion. It's additional 1/8" oval pad retains body heat to warm knee joint and increase blood circulation. Learn More
LP Ankle Stay and Strap
Our Price: £20.00
The flexible spiral stays within the LP Ankle Support are designed to provide stabilisation for medial and lateral support. Where as the removable surgical elastic strap offers additional compression to talofibular ligaments. Learn More
LP Back Support With Stays
Our Price: £21.00
The LP Back Support with Stays is designed to provide maximum support to the mid and lower back without restricting normal body movement. This support retains body heat for constant moist heat to travel to the lower back muscle groups. In addition to this four pliable stays on the back provide extra support. Learn More
LP Elbow Support
Our Price: £8.50
The LP Elbow support protects against scrapes and bruises. Whilst also helping to reduce pain caused through tendinitis and tennis elbow by applying the necessary compression to weak elbow joints. Learn More
LP Patella Brace
Our Price: £8.50
The LP Patella Brace applies pressure on the tendon below the kneecap and assists correct tracking to give symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation that is often associated with patella femoral syndrome. Learn More
LP Hinged Knee Support Open
Our Price: £30.00
The LP Hinged Knee Support provides additional support & stability for the medial lateral ligaments. Its 2 hook & loop straps allow adjustment for a better fit. Whilst the support's additional neoprene circle pad around the patella provides padded protection and stabilisation to prevent patellar displacement. Learn More
LP Palm Support
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LP Palm Support
Our Price: £5.50
The LP Palm Support provides support and relieves pain from stiff, swollen or injured wrists. This support also serves a preventative purpose against further injury. Learn More