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McDavid Closed Knee Support
Our Price: £20.00
McDavid Closed Knee Support, compresses the whole knee area warming up the muscle to increase blood flow. Learn More
McDavid Thigh Support
Our Price: £19.00
The McDavid Thigh Support is a general purpose support compresses and supports soft tissue while retaining therapeutic heat. Helps reduce muscle strains and pulls. Reversible thermal neoprene support with nylon facing on both sides for easy application and removal. Learn More
McDavid Hexpad Shin Pad
Our Price: £26.00
The McDavid Hexpad Shin Pad uses HDc management that helps wick away moisture from the body keeping you cool and fresh at all times. A removable hard plate at the front of the Hexpad gives you the decision of using either front or back protection or both. Learn More
McDavid Knee Wrap
Our Price: £20.00
Simple and secure the McDavid Knee Wrap offers relief from strains and pulls to the knee area. The adjustable custom fit with the neoprene provides compression therapy along with thermal properties. Learn More
McDavid 2 Way Ankle Elastic Support
Our Price: £11.00
McDavid 2 Way Ankle Elastic Support, designed to compress the injured ankle and to warm up the muscle. Learn More
McDavid Hexpad Forearm Guard Pair
Our Price: £25.00
The McDavid Hexpad Forearm Guard Pair uses Hex forearm protection with an easy fit. HDc moisture management is built in for more comfort. Learn More
McDavid Calf Support
Our Price: £19.00
Compress and suppress the pain with the McDavid Calf Support. Reduces pain from shin splints and calf strains by compressing the area and heating up the muscle. It can fit the left or right leg and comes in S-XL. Learn More
McDavid Universal Shoulder Support
Our Price: £70.00
The McDavid #462 Universal Shoulder Support is an adjustable shoulder support with Velcro® closures. Learn More
McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace
Our Price: £40.00
The McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace is a reduced-weight support with break-through material that actually breathes for cooler comfort. Features 2 layers of nylon/vinyl mesh fabric, spring steel stays, padded Intera lining, notched front, elastic heel and tongue and sewn-in arch. Learn More
McDavid Waist Trimmer Back Support
Our Price: £26.00
The back-up plan, the McDavid Waist trimmer bak support offers relieve to minor back pain and can assist weight loss due to it's thermal properties. The heat comes from the neoprene inner which also gives soft tissue support and maintains positioning. Learn More