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Skins A400 Shorts - Womens
  • Reduced
Skins A400 Shorts - Womens

RRP: £55.00

Our Price: £41.25

The Skins Women's A400 Shorts are suited for a casual gym class, morning run or your own training regime. Scientifically proven to make the body perform and recover better, your Skins A400 Shorts mean you can work out longer and have less muscle pain the next day. The A400 range ensures you get the correct amount of pressure in all the right places to deliver more oxygen to your muscles whilst our unique fabrics reduce the risk of injury by supporting key muscle groups and allowing unrestricted movement. Learn More
Skins A400 Long Tights - Womens
  • Reduced
Skins A400 Long Tights - Womens

RRP: £90.00

Our Price: £67.50

Improved circulation whilst wearing the Women's A400 Long Tights from Skins. They are scientifically proven to make the body perform and recover better by delivering more oxygen to muscles. Learn More
Skins A400 Long tight - Women's
Our Price: £100.00
I love these tights!“, „These are the best tights I have ever worn“, „Can I please keep them?” These were some of the statements given when the products were returned to us after the final product tests.

The A400 Women’s Long Tights meet all the criteria expected from long sports tights. They are mainly plain-coloured with subtle reflective graphics allowing you to combine them with your existing wardrobe. Additionally, they feature compression from the calf to the upper thigh muscles. This means that you can carry out your workout more efficiently and your legs recover more quickly after your training. The A400 Women’s Long Tights live up to the name “SKINS”.

ADAPTIVE Technology assists in regulating your body temperature by cooling you down in warm conditions and keeping you warm in the cold. The major seams of the tights consist of so-called A-Seams which provide comfort and durability. The ankle cuffs are not stitched but feature bonded seams which not only optimise compression but also offer supreme comfort. Thanks to the lower rise cut the tights sit comfortably on the hips.

We've also added 360 degree reflectivity so you'll stand out on every level, in any light. by day it's sleek looking graphics made from premium reflective glass bead technology. At night, the graphics come alive to make you visible from up to 160 metres away!

The wide waistband offers a pocket in the back to store your key or your smart phone. Jogging, Yoga, Fitness – the A400 Women’s Long Tights are ideal to be worn for any sport and will always make you look great!
Learn More
Skins A200 Womens Thermal Long tight
Our Price: £80.00
Getting the body you want over the winter months just got easier with SKINS scientifically proven sports compression clothing – simply slip into SKINS A200 Women’s Thermal Compression Long Tights. Learn More