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About JMS Rugby

JMS Rugby is the online home of the Bath-based dedicated one-stop rugby shop. Located in the centre of the City, JMS Rugby was founded in 2002 as a sister company to the long-established, family-run sports business, John Moore Sports ( The exceedingly popular sports shop offers a wide range of specialised sports equipment for anything from archery and cricket to darts, football, hockey, rugby and tennis for sportsmen and women of all ages and all abilities

JMS Rugby, in contrast, is a specialist rugby outlet, offering players and fans anything from boots and balls to protection, rugby socks, rugby shirts, rugby themed slippers as well as plenty of gift ideas - all to do with rugby in some way or another.  

As a family business, JMS Rugby lays great importance in offering our customers not just great quality but also an outstanding level of customer service.

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Rob Moore

Rob Moore